Milwaukee Barons

Milwaukee Barons aim to bring pro soccer to Wisconsin

Area soccer fans to come together for Soccer, future team

One hundred and sixty-nine years ago, a fur trader and a surveyor buried the hatchet on a feud between their two settlements, each on opposite sides of a river. These men, turned politicians by the shared goal of building towns, pooled their efforts and founded the city of Milwaukee. Solomon Juneau and Byron Kilbourn realized that they were better together than they were apart.

It is in this spirit that a group of like-minded Milwaukeeans come together under one banner to bring professional soccer to Juneau and Kilbourn’s city. The Milwaukee Barons take their name from the men who built on Juneau and Kilbourn’s foundation. They take their name from the Beer Barons.

Beer barons, with names like Miller, Pabst, Best, Schlitz and Blatz, established the rich, liquid tradition of Milwaukee. Today, the Milwaukee Barons form to add to our great city’s tradition.

The Milwaukee Barons, in association with supporters the Milwaukee Soccer Development Group (MSDG) and the Milwaukee Outdoor Pro Soccer Alliance (MOPSA), will pursue the goal to bring a true professional, outdoor soccer team to the Barons’ Brew City.

In 2014, MSDG made great strides with a City Hall symposium on July 15th and the Milwaukee Cup March before the college derby match between the Milwaukee Panthers and Marquette Golden Eagles played at Valley Fields in September.

Local designer, Fred Gillich, made a set of replica jerseys of the fictional Milwaukee Barons soccer franchise for his website They quickly sold out, creating a buzz that a real team could follow. Soon thereafter James Moran and Pat Finn took the idea of the Barons even further by visiting and learning from fellow soccer support group Brickyard Battalion, fan base of NASL club Indy Eleven.

The Brickyard Battalion, however, is much more than a fan base. Hoping to draw professional soccer to Indianapolis, a group of soccer fans in the city came together and established the group without a team to cheer for. They drew the support of more and more fans who wanted the same thing they did: professional soccer in Indy. The soccer fever stirred up by the Brickyard Battalion led to the creation of an actual franchise, the Indy Eleven, who have been a wild success, selling out their stadium consistently and leading the NASL in attendance.

The Milwaukee Barons hope to follow the Brickyard Battalion’s blueprint of drawing in soccer fans throughout the area, showing city officials, sports fans and investors that Milwaukee can through repeated successful events, support a high-level, professional outdoor soccer team.

That support will start with the first official meeting of the Milwaukee Barons appropriately at the hub of one of the Brew City’s biggest barons, The Best Place located at 901 W. Juneau Avenue in downtown Milwaukee on June 10th. It’s a gathering where fans can discuss the sport, hopes for the city and pledge allegiance to Barons’ cause. The group will showcase three separate supporter levels incorporating Baron-style names to raise money for future events, assist programs for MSDG and cement a fan base for the Barons. Those supporter price levels will range from the low price of free to $100 and will include Barons apparel and discount cards to area soccer-friendly businesses.

Some of those future events will include a tailgate party and attendance of a Milwaukee/Chicago soccer showdown featuring Croatian Eagles hosting Great Lakes Premier League rival RWB Adria in Franklin in late June and a viewing party of this summer’s Women’s World Cup.

There will be a meet-and-greet for supporters beginning at 7:00pm and events beginning at 7:30 on June 10th. The Milwaukee Barons will gather in the shadow of Jacob Best’s history and be their own industrialist of the future of soccer in southeast Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Barons are a program of the Milwaukee Soccer Development Group non-profit organization, specifically dedicated to the development of a professional soccer team in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Barons look to achieve this goal through working with independent supporters looking to help mobilize soccer enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Our goal is to unite supporters to positively impact our communities and help achieve the dream of bringing a true professional team to Wisconsin.

Anyone interested in media coverage, purchasing merchandise, sponsorship, or further information about the Milwaukee Barons should contact James Moran at 414-902-0148 or


  1. Jason

    June 2, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    “Beer barons, with names like Miller, Pabst, Best, Schlitz and Blatz, established the rich, liquid tradition of Milwaukee. Today, the Milwaukee Barons”

    Today, the Milwaukee Barons what?

    • jrlemke

      June 3, 2015 at 12:10 am

      Hey thanks for catching that! We didn’t update the post with new language so some stuff was cut off. Appreciate the shoutout.

  2. Tom Russell

    July 2, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Huge soccer fan, I’m a timbers fan due to the fact that I live in the Northwest but will be coming to your town for business in a couple of weeks. I looked up soccer clubs as I always love catching a match wherever I travel and came across your page. Is the club practicing yet or are you still in the beginning stages? Can I buy some gear when in town and if so where? Good Luck!