Milwaukee Barons

The Milwaukee Barons and the Milwaukee Torrent Statement

Whilst we are still working on to bringing an NASL or USL team to the area we would like to give our backing to the Milwaukee Torrent the professional outdoor team who are about to embark on their first season in the NPSL (considered the 4th tier of professional soccer in America).

Representatives from both sides recently met to discuss the Torrents plans and ambition.  After meeting with the Torrent. We decided to encourage our supporters to go along to the Torrent games and purchase season tickets as this would only aide our campaign to attract investors.  If investors are seeing large numbers attending outdoor soccer in Milwaukee they will see that the Milwaukee market is less of a risk to invest in.

When Andy Davi decided to move the team to play in the NPSL and register all the players with the USSF as professionals we looked back at the reason we started the Barons and that was to be able to go watch professional soccer on a Saturday night and be able to tailgate, sing, chant and support a Milwaukee team.  This ticks all those boxes.  It may not be at the level we want but we have no other options yet.  The ground up approach is working for Detroit City FC, it may work here also.

The Milwaukee Barons intend to stand in the “Flood” supporters section behind the goal, please wear your Barons scarfs and clothing items to be easily identified.

We will also be having the Milwaukee Torrent Management and Players join us at our events to answer any question starting with The Nomad 21st Birthday on March 20th